Sorry PC users, I simply don’t know the equivalents. But go here or here to find them.

this is Nick. I’m a little obsessive sometimes, so when something comes along that could save me a lot of time, I get excited. I want to share my excitement. So; here’s a guide to using your Mac.

⌘  This symbol, seen next to the spacebar, is your “command” key. It’s the most useful key on the board for navigating around.

Once you see something below that you like, try it out (now!) to remember it. There are a lot.


Command+H = Hide application. Whatever application you’re looking at will disappear from the screen. Especially helpful when the parents walk in.

Command+Tab = View all the applications you have open. Try it now. See how easy it is to flick between applications? Awesome. Oh, and if you keep the command button pressed, you can keep pressing the tab button until you’ve selected the application you want. And also, if you press the Q key when an application is highlighted, it’ll quit.

Command+`(top left key on keybord) = Switch window within your current application. Very useful when you have two word documents open, and you keep on switching between the two.

Shift+Control+Command+4 = Snapshot, or Screenshot, or whatever you want to call it. This is very, VERY useful. The cursor will turn into a set of sights. Click and drag over an area, and when you release it the image will be copied into memory. Then all you have to do is either open Preview and press Command+N to open a new file. Preview will automatically open the snapshot you just took.

(these don’t work in EVERY program, but they do in most):

Command+C = Copy
Command+V = Paste
Command+X = Cut (copy then delete)
Command+Z = Undo
Command+Q = Quit
Command+S = Save
Command+O = Open
Command+P = Print
Command+W = Close Window
F9 = show all open windows
F10 = show all windows of the application you are now using
Command+-(minus) = Zoom out
Command+=(equals) = Zoom in

If you’re using Firefox often, these make everything easier.

Command+Right Key = Forward Page
+Left Key = Back Page
+R = Reload page (useful when updating posts)
+N = New Window (I never use this…opening new tabs is better)
+T = New Tab.
Command+Option+Left Key = switch to previous tab
Command+Option+Right Key = Switch to next tab
+Shift+W = close window.
Command+W = close tab. If multiple tabs are open, it will simply close the tab you are viewing. If there is only one tab open, the window will close
Command+D = Bookmark page.
Command+Shift+D = Bookmark all tabs
Command+B = Open bookmarks toolbar
Command+Shift+B = Organize bookmarks (Very useful! Keep your bookmarks plenty and organized!)
Command+Shift+H = History. Need to go to a page you went to before? Use this to open the history toolbar.
Command+K = enter google search box on top right of screen
Command+F = find text on page

This stuff is important to know. Especially people with foreign names. These can be used in both Word and Pages.

Shift+Option+ = em dash
Option+; = (elipsis)
Option+e, then type a letter = ´ (as in á or é)
Option+u, then type a letter = ¨ (as in ö)
Option+i, then type a letter = ˆ (as in â)
Option+n, then type a letter = ˜ (as in ñ)
Option+0 = º (degrees)
Option+3 = £ (GBP)
Option+8 = • (Use when you want to do your own bullet-points).

Hold the shift key when you press the return key to drop to the next line, with no gap in between.

Press control and move two fingers on the trackpad to zoom in and out of your screen
Control+Option+Command+8 = Invert Colors. Spooky!
Now if you guys know any more stuff, or want clarification on anything, leave a comment below.


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