Hello Riggio Students,

If you would like to post on this site, please let us know. Fill out the form on the contact us page (or email us), include your name, email address and tell us what you’re interested in doing.

If you’re not a Riggio Student, I’m afraid you won’t be able to post, but feel free to comment, or to look at the following pages. They’re full of good information, regardless who you are.

Page #1:    12th Street Online Submissions. Here’s where you can see what we’re expecting from you when you post. Sorry about the layout, but this is far from finished, it’s just a few things that have already been cropping up.

Page #2:    What are the Best Types of Post

Page #3:    Our Columns. Nothing to write about but want to write? Well, that’s fine. Inside here are some suggestions to get you going.

Page #4:    How to add Links and Images to your post. It’s a little tricky, so please check this out if you’re having trouble. And if it still doesn’t make sense, either leave a comment, or email us with the image when you post.

Page #5:    Ten. A new novel by Riggio Fellows.

If you’d like to see what we’ve got going on, click the link below. I’ll be updating it regularly. If you want to add events, fill out the form below. Please, ADHERE CLOSELY TO THE FORMAT REQUESTED:

a) The TIME and DATE. Repeats? (e.g. 7:00pm, Start Oct 23rd, 15 repeats, every week) or (e.g. 4pm, Wed 7th Sept, 2010)
b) The TITLE (e.g. KGB Poetry Reading)
c) The ADDRESS (e.g. KGB Bar, 123 456th St and 789th ave, Brooklyn, New York, NY, 12345)
d) The DETAILS (Tell us what’s going on, who’s going to be there, and why we should love it. Have you been to one of these before? What’s it like? Beer prices? Atmosphere?)

Riggio/Newschool Calendar


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