What is 12thstreetonline, 12th Street…whatever you’re called?
12th Street
is an undergraduate literary journal published by…undergraduates. We’re highly talented members of the Riggio Honors Program: Writing and Democracy at The New School, a course that promotes the idea of “literature as an engine of democracy.” The first issue came out in the Spring of 2008, and we publish yearly. 12th Street Online is the web-version, a daily-updated place where members of W&D can gather, publish, and entertain the world. Here’s an image of the cover from the first issue [Note: on a Mac click command+= to zoom into the image]

What is this Writing and Democracy program?
This honors program
at the New School is an innovative sequence of writing workshops and close-reading seminars designed to offer a balanced and substantial literary education. The core of the program is a curriculum of writing workshops (fiction, nonfiction, poetry) and literature seminars, culminating in a thesis project. There is also an ongoing series of public readings, literary forums, lectures, symposia and panel discussions. All students of the Riggio program receive a $4000 scholarship upon completing the course.

When is the next issue of 12th Street coming out?
We’ll next be publishing Issue #4 in the Spring of 2011, and we’re accepting submissions until November 8th. Click here to check out how to submit.

Can I publish on this site?
Yes, If you are a New School undergrad, and please feel free to make comments and offer us suggestions. Also, if you’re in the writing world (writer, agent, author, professor, avid reader etc), and would like to do an interview with us, or if you have suggestions, requests, or complaints email us at 12thstreetsubmissions@gmail.com.


One Response to “FAQs”

  1. Nanette Says:

    Hello. Just wondering how long this program has been in existence. I went to The New School for writing, but never heard of this before.

    Do tell–

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