Submission Guidelines for 12th Street Print Journal

Our mission is to present literature that establishes a discourse on the artist as intellectual and explores the role of the writer in the world.  We want to promote literature as an engine of democracy.

12th Street is committed to publishing the literary works of the Undergraduate community within the many schools that comprise The New School.  Our submissions period is open until November 16, 2010, and we accept all submissions electronically via  You must have a valid New School email address in order to submit, and we ask that you use it when sending us your work.

Please submit one story or essay totaling no more than 9,000 words, and/or up to 7 poems.  We only accept previously unpublished work.  While we cannot comment on all of the submissions we receive, you will be sent a confirmation email upon receipt of your work.  Any author who is accepted will be notified by mid-February.

Manuscripts must include page numbers and title on each page.  12th Street Journal Submissions are blind so your name and contact info should only appear on a separate cover page, also on the cover page, please state if the piece is fiction, non-fiction or poetry, as well as the word count.  Please attach all files as MS Word documents.

If you’re a New School Undergraduate student, and want to submit a post for our blog, click here.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form below.


3 Responses to “Submissions”

  1. daisy Says:

    Nice article thanks for sharing!

  2. Blair Banta Says:

    While this makes sense and I don’t disagree, you have to wonder if Sarah Palin would support it if Rush Limbaugh said it and called it sarcasm ;) jk

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