Julie Sheehan reciting “The Song of Wandering Aengus” by W. B. Yeats.

Justin Taylor reading “I See Tiny Mouths” by Anthony McCann from the Agriculture Reader.

Amy Berkowitz reads a poem from Ish Klein’s new book UNION!

Gary Clark reading “An Appearance in New Hampshire” from Rivendell Vol. 1 No. 2

Ish Klein reads “The Phases,” from her new book UNION! to Bernadette.

Mathias Svalina reading from Julie Doxsee’s book Undersleep

Kim Addonizio reads “Ex-Boyfriends.”

 Live Blogging!  Ah!  We’re complete liars!

 Well actually the bigger issue is somehow the AWP Conference is in a hotel that does not have wifi everywhere—I mean, we’d even be willing to pay for it.  So I’m going to try and summarize yesterday for you and hopefully we will figure out a system that can include ‘Erratic But Frequent Blogging from AWP Chicago.’


 We arrived.  Cabbed it over to AWP where we found out that we’d been left off the AWP Map, so if you are trying to find us we are in the Southwest Hall, table 782.  We also didn’t have a sign made for us, but Luis handled it like a pro and made us lots of good-looking handouts advertising our location.


 And our location is great because we are surrounded by some of the nicest people at AWP who helped us draw a great picture of a video camera to advertise ‘Poets and Puppets!’  So far Bernadette is the hit of AWP but I think Ed and Camille will get some reading time today—they are feeling less camera shy this morning.


 4 rooms of bookfair, and 8 floors of panels, readings and discussions…it is a shame we can’t live blog because even after writing the last three paragraphs, I feel like I haven’t even begun.



chicago09s-1This year’s Association of Writers and Writing Program‘s Conference is in Chicago and 12th Street is attending! Not only does AWP have amazing panels and readings planned for us, but we’ve got some ideas of how to share the conference with you!

Live Blogging!  If we’re there, you’re there too. We’ll keep you abreast of what is happening in the world of writing programs.

Video Blogging! We’re attaching some faces to these names and will be introducing you to new writers as well as some of our readers.

Puppets! More info to come…

Interviews and Readings! We’ve got lists of people we want to highlight and share with you, and lots of people we’re excited to meet ourselves.

Chicago is a great town, but it is mid-February, after all, so we’ll be spending much of our time indoors at our 12th Street table and wandering around to other journal’s and writing program’s tables. We’ll also be listening to one panel after another and sharing it all with you.

So, I’m encouraging you, our readers, who are a huge part of why we are going to AWP, to log on to AWP’s website, check out the schedules and let us know if there is something you’d like to know. Is there a panel you’d like to hear about? A person you’d like to hear read? Questions you want asked?  Let us know!  We leave next Thursday…