flagI can’t stop checking out this blog … daily!

A poem is posted each and every day, for the first 100 days, President Barack Obama is in office.On this blog you can read poems by: Mark Bibbins, Cate Marvin, Major Jackson, Matthew Zapruder, and so many more very talented and inspiring writers.


ludditeWe’re back…from Chicago, that is, and we have lots to recap for you. Zoe went to a great poetry reading featuring Robert Polito, Paul Muldoon, Frank Bidart and others. I attended a panel I want to tell you about called “Who’s Your Daddy?” with Mark Bibbins, Dave Groff, Peter Covino and Brian Teare.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a total luddite and have been mired in making “Poets and Puppets” happen. (The videos will come soon.) We’ve also been busy laying out the print journal, so this blog post is more apologetic than informative. Let’s call it an update on where we are as a collective.

Your support took us to Chicago and back. It keeps us up late at night interviewing, making sock puppets, uploading videos and many other things. For you I endure the embarassment of being a neophyte with iMovie and asking the good people at the Apple store the kinds of questions they expect from a five-year-old. In fact, a guy there named Henry brought me to tears. Enough said. More to come…