Zoe Miller’s Monday blog posts?

Missing posts everyday last week?

Well 12th Street is reading.  The submission period has closed and all the editors and readers have taken your work and gone off to read it.  Mix the reading in with the holidays and impending new year and you are left with a pretty quiet blog.  But, we will be back with lots of new exciting stuff to look forward to.

On Monday, January 26: Ten, Chapter 9 will be posted

Tuesday, January 27: Leigh Stein will return to her weekly blog

AJ is currently working on another version of 10 for the Spring!

And in February we are all headed to AWP in Chicago, where we will be blogging live and doing all sorts of fun interviews and stuff.

The Spring will be full of 12th Street events and on April 24, 2009 we hope to see you all at the release party of Issue #2

So, if you are reading this, thanks for all of your support, comments, suggestions and criticisms this Fall as we launched.  We’ll be back in a few weeks and look forward to seeing you then!

Enjoy Your Holidays! Happy New Year!

Anna, Kathryn, Zoe, Leigh, Nick and AJ